We have completed many projects for both Public Agencies and Private Organisations. Here are some examples:

Online Graduate Employment Survey​

Our client was a local Educational Institution. The project included conducting research on graduates' employment status and educational experience, gathering feedback on the courses and services provided as well as generating the Key Employment Indicators. We designed and programmed the e-questionnaire using our online survey software and implemented measures to increase response rate. Once the data with a sample size of more than 6,000 respondents was collected, we performed data validation and verification to ensure data accuracy, followed by data tabulation and analysis. We achieved more than 70% response rate for all 3 years when we were awarded the project and provided insights that would improve the courses and services provided.

Focus Group Discussion & Location Survey

Our client was a public-listed property company looking to improve the rate of visitation to one of its shopping malls. This project comprised of two parts, a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Face-to-face survey at the shopping mall. We recruited 4 groups of FGD participants each with varying profiles and moderated the discussions to identify key variables and questions for the survey. Next, utilizing the data obtained from the FGD, we designed the survey according to the research objectives. The surveys were conducted on-site, data cleaned, and analysed. The insights attained were used to recommend improvements that the client can implement to increase the visitor numbers to its shopping mall.

Complex Household Survey​

This survey involved a joint effort among 5 government ministries/agencies. The questionnaire comprised of over 5,000 questions/variables, equivalent to 125 pages long. The challenges for this project were persuading people to answer an extremely long questionnaire, ensuring that respondents answer truthfully, and ensuring the quality of interviewers’ work. Due to its complexity which involves a large amount of routing of questions, we used the Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) method to facilitate data collection. Our resourcefulness and innovative approach enabled us to achieve a sample size of more than 1,000 respondents and a response rate of 62%, higher than the target of 60% set by the client.​

Major Fieldwork Operation With Short Time-frame

We were tasked to survey clinics in Singapore and gather information on their patients such as their profile and diagnosis. The challenge of this project was to get more than 400 sampled clinical managers/doctors to fill in the survey forms and provide information on their patients all in one day. It was important that we coordinated and planned carefully for the data collection as well as manpower allocation for just one day of fieldwork. Due to the resourcefulness and tenacity of our fieldworkers and staff, we managed to get a 90% response rate for the survey and a total of more than 24,000 patients’ information/diagnosis and clinic information.