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InResearch Wishes you a Shining Shimmering 2017!
InResearch turns 10 this year! We have come a long way to establish ourselves as a nimble research firm with a focus on integrity, insight and innovation. Reminiscing, it seemed almost an impossible task to outlast resource-rich counterparts in the industry when we first started out 10 years ago. Yet we did. We stayed efficient, we stayed lean, we managed our resources creatively and maximised productivity on our assets.

But it was not just about outlasting. To establish a name in an industry so dependent on existing goodwill and reputation, nothing less than a Herculean effort will be required to make ourselves known, much less carve a name for ourselves. Yet again we did. We stayed true to our clients, we stayed true to our principles, we stayed true to the spirit of research.

Now 10 years on, we continue to hold fast to our belief that insightful research hinges upon the dynamicity of the methodology, the resourcefulness of the researcher and the steadfast integrity of all parties. We have been most fortunate to have worked with more than 40 distinguished clients who share these beliefs and continue to validate them with us over the years.

As we celebrate our 10 years in service, we extend our sincerest gratitude to all our clients who have not only decided to try out this hidden gem that is us, but also continue to polish it over the years with numerous opportunities. Thank you and may you have a shining shimmering 2017!

Wishing you a Shining Shimmering 2017!

- Managing Director, InResearch
- 01/01/2017

InResearch has expanded into OG Albert Complex!
Thank you all valuable clients for your support thus far, we would like to inform you that...
We have moved to OG Albert Complex!

It has been a great pleasure working with you.

Our new office address and telephone number are as follows:

Address: 60 Albert Street, #09-01 OG Albert Complex, Singapore 189969
Telephone No: (65) 6338-1882

Please refer to the Contact Us section for a detailed map to our new location, which is a mere 3-minute walk to Bugis MRT Station.

All our staff's mobile numbers and email addresses remain unchanged.

We look forward to your continued support.

- Managing Director, InResearch
- 01/02/2016

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